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jeudi 31 juillet 2008

In memoriam Andrei Tarkovsky

Actually, i mean in 2008, only a few people know the movies of Andrei Tarkovsky ( Im sure many americans think he's a communist of something like that...as they think that my country - belgium- is a part of germany...Mmm no, im not here to write about the knowledge of americans ).
Well, this compilation is dedicated to Andrei Tarkovsky and his works...You can dwnld for FREE 10 tracks by kim cascone, nobukazu takemura (!), alva noto and a lot of others...
DWNLD here---> http://www.excentrica.org/
( ZIP---> http://listen.excentrica.org/releases/exc015/exc015_mp3.zip )

FR: comme il n'ya quasi aucun francophone qui ne me lit, je donne juste le lien, sans texte---> il me semble que d'un point de vue curiosité et culture musicale, le monde francophone est à 10 pieds sous terre ( le prolétariat de la Culture ! )
DWNLD gratuit---> http://www.excentrica.org/
( ZIP--> http://listen.excentrica.org/releases/exc015/exc015_mp3.zip )

3 commentaires:

baka a dit…

voilà les italiennes: nous somme le sous-proletariat!

rajsank a dit…

ahahahahah, signore baka, io te credo, italia e la patria de dante ( Inferno )

Loys a dit…

bah... quand même :)